Nigel Purcell, Investment Director at EngieNewVentures took the stage of #LetsTalkEnergy hosted by Energy Tech Summit on June 09 to discuss the ecosystem of ENGIE‘s Corporate Venture Capital arm, ENGIE New Ventures, who invests into #startups that resonate with the Group’s drive for #innovation.

The fund fits into ENGIE’s strategy as “it is very much about promoting the activities of our companies and indeed giving them opportunities in ENGIE’s BUs, in ENGIE’s Businesses, with ENGIE’s #customers to be able to get first use cases and get access to the market. So this is really the reason behind the creation of the fund”. Alongside Rimas Maliauskas, insights are shared on the #cleantech sector and how it has become ever more necessary to accelerate the #EnergyTransition, particularly in light of the current crisis.

Catch the highlights of the virtual conference in the video below

#LetsTalkEnergy series with Nigel Purcell | Engie New Ventures from Energy Tech Network on Vimeo.