The Future of the Clean Energy Economy

ENGIE New Ventures manages a fund-of-fund portfolio and has placed direct strategic investments in the following startups.

Advanced Microgrid Solutions

Since 2013, AMS developps design, financing, installation, and management of advanced energy storage solutions, based on a technology-agnostic approach for B2B clients and local utilities. #EnergyStorage


Drone operator for B2B market since 2012 Airware (Redbird) is expert in the analysis of technical data collected by drones with the focus on network supervision, industrial assets inspection, mines supervision, and precision agriculture. #Drones


Since 2014, Apix develops miniaturized and modular gas chromatography devices that monitor processes in real time for petro-chemistry, gas quality, and other emissions analyses. #Gas&Biogas

Connected Energy

Since 2014, FTS Connected Energy promotes B2B energy storage solutions using second life Electric Vehicules batteries. #EnergyStorage


Since 2012 Connit provides End-to-end IoT solutions from hardware to software, to big data platforms and the remote monitoring of devices. #Iot


Since 2014 ENGIE M2M is the Sigfox network operator of Belgium and provider of end-to-end IoT solutions. #Iot


Since 2011, Gogoro develops and sells. Electric scooter, performance monitoring software, and battery swapping infrastructure. #Mobility #Cities #Territories


H2SITE commercialize a membrane reactor based system able to produce high purity hydrogen, on customer’s premises, from various hydrogen carriers such as methane in particular biomethane and ammonia, etc. #hydrogen


Organic photovoltaic film manufacturer since 2006 for an innovative, ultra-thin, light, and -flexible PV film, which is customizable by color, dimension, and transparency-level. #generation


Since 2012 Developer of an off-grid backyard (B2C) biogas appliance that transforms organic waste into clean energy and liquid fertilizer. #Gas&Biogas

Kiwi Power

Created in 2009 Kiwi is a demand response aggregator and grid balancing service provider for C&I customers to reduce electricity consumption during peak times. #DemandSideManagement

kWh Analytics

Founded in 2012, Khw Analytics develops solar analytics software that reduces the cost of financing solar projects by assisting insurances in the creation of solar production insurance policies. #generation

Lancey energy storage

Created in 2016 Lancey develops Smart space heater coupled with a battery to increase comfort, energy efficiency, and provide grid services.
#Storage #EnergyEfficiency

Opus One Solutions

Since 2011, a Software solution that makes a real-time digital version of an electricity grid for monitoring and optimization purposes. #DemandSideManagement


Created in 2016, Please is a platform business for delivery of goods and services to residential clients of small and medium sized cities. #Cities #Territories


Since 2003 Powerdale supplies Hardware and software that monitors and reports on energy and electrical vehicle power consumption. #EnergyEfficiency


Since 2015 Redaptive provides end-to-end building energy efficiency integration services with no upfront cost to customers to permit organizations to accelerate efficiency upgrades. #EnergyEfficiency


Since 2014 Serviz proposes a Home services marketplace and delivery fulfillment platform. #Cities #Territories


Since 2009 Sigfox develops Low-Power-Wide-Area-Network (LPWAN) technology and network operating license provider enabling large scale, inexpensive, and efficient connectivity for objects dedicated to low throughput usages. #Iot

Streetlight Data

Since 2011 Streetlight Data Platform identifies consumer mobility patters by analyzing cellular/GPS data for improved marketing, siting, and city planning decisions. #Mobility #Cities #Territories


Developer of fuel cell (hydrogen) range extenders for electric vehicles since 2010. #hydrogen


Created in 2004, Tendril proposes a Cloud-based software platform for utilities enabling analysis of residential energy consumption data for behavioural energy efficiency, customer satisfaction, operational cost reduction and new revenue generation for utilities’ customers. #EnergyEfficiency


Unabiz is the Sigfox Network Operator and provider of low-cost connected device. #Iot


Vyntelligence enables digital transformation of paper & form based field processes with its patented & AI powered SmartVideoNotes technology and has already delivered proven results for large clients in the telecom, manufacturing, utilities and service industries. #digital #facilitiesmanagement