The Future of the Clean Energy Economy

ENGIE New Ventures manages has placed direct strategic investments in the following startups.

Raptor Map

A Boston-based start-up providing a leading #SaaS platform for the #lifecycle management of #photovoltaic solar plants.


GravitHy is a sustainable iron and steel company project for generating and using green and low-carbon #hydrogen to produce Direct Reduced Iron (#DRI)

Connected Energy

Second life battery #energystorage systems using EV batteries. #Sustainable energy storage batteries to manage #grid constraint & manage grid flexibility.


Miniaturized and Modular #GasAnalyzers for #Industrial Analysis and #OEM use


C-Zero is a hard-tech startup whose mission is to decarbonize #NaturalGas. C-Zero’s innovative solution, uses high temperatures to split #methane into #hydrogen and solid #carbon in a process known as methane #pyrolysis. C-Zero’s cost competitive hydrogen can be used to decarbonize a wide range of #industries.


Energyworx provides a cloud based Energy Data Management solution helping utility companies monetizing their high volumes data coming from smart meters #DataManagement


Gogoro is reinventing #urbantransportation with an ecosystem of #sustainable energy solutions for the world’s modern cities.


H2SITE commercialize a membrane reactor based system able to produce high purity hydrogen, on customer’s premises, from various hydrogen carriers such as methane in particular biomethane and ammonia, etc. #hydrogen


Heliatek produces flexible, efficient and truly green organic #solar films for buildings. Proudly awarded as one of the world's most #innovative companies.


Since 2012 Developer of an off-grid backyard (B2C) biogas appliance that transforms organic waste into clean energy and liquid fertilizer. #Gas&Biogas


Based in North Carolina, ndustrial offers an #analytics platform and energy-management solution for industrial sites. #EnergyEfficiency #DataManagement


Ineratec provides modular plants to convert “green” hydrogen, made using renewable electricity and biomass CO2 or captured CO2, into carbon-neutral fuels like e-methane, e-diesel and e-kerosene.

kWh Analytics

kWh Analytics is the market leader in #solar risk management.

Lancey energy storage

Created in 2016 Lancey develops Smart space heater coupled with a battery to increase comfort, energy efficiency, and provide grid services.
#Storage #EnergyEfficiency


Since 2015 Redaptive provides end-to-end building energy efficiency integration services with no upfront cost to customers to permit organizations to accelerate efficiency upgrades. #EnergyEfficiency


Unabiz is the Sigfox Network Operator and provider of low-cost connected device. #Iot


Vyntelligence enables digital transformation of paper & form based field processes with its patented & AI powered SmartVideoNotes technology and has already delivered proven results for large clients in the telecom, manufacturing, utilities and service industries. #digital #facilitiesmanagement


Since 2014 ENGIE M2M is the Sigfox network operator of Belgium and provider of end-to-end IoT solutions. #Iot

Kiwi power

Kiwi Power provides a unique combination of technology and expertise to unlock distributed energy resource (#DER) value and serve #sustainable energy needs.

Advanced Microgrid Solutions

AMS’s artificial intelligence-powered software maximizes the value of #renewables, batteries, and entire asset portfolios so you can deploy and use more clean #energy with higher #ROI

Opus One Solutions

Opus One Solutions is a #software engineering and solutions company that helps utilities #optimize energy planning, operations and market management.


Integrator of #IoT solutions, CONNIT designs, develops and industrializes wireless #Iconnected objects, low consumption and long range.


Sigfox is the world leading service provider for Internet of Things (#IoT).


Created in 2016, Please is a platform business for delivery of goods and services to residential clients of small and medium sized cities. #Cities #Territories


Powerdale develops solutions for #electromobility and #energymanagement for businesses and individuals.


SERVIZ is an online platform for booking home repair and maintenance services.

Streetlight data

Combine machine learning with deep transportation #knowledge to shed light on how our streets really work — and makes #data available on-demand to the people shaping today’s transportation.


Symbio designs #hydrogen fuel cell kits that can be integrated into several #electric vehicle formats.


Airware is a leading provider of end-to-end, visual intelligence solutions that enable enterprises to capture, manage and analyze their assets and turn the collected #data into valuable business #insights.


Leader in Energy Services Management (#MSE) solutions in the USA.


Samp optimises the management of #gas industrial #infrastructures via #digital #twins and #shared #reality solutions

Alpinov X

Alpinov X has developed a #cooling production process under #vacuum, by which water can be used as a natural refrigerant, generating no pollution or risk.


This swiss company has developed an innovative technology for the sustainable, cost-effective treatment of multiple waste streams to create #biogas.


This startup has launched a new software category that optimize and simplify all operational processes that interact with the customer journey with an advanced orchestration and task automation system.

Wenu Work

Wenu Work developed IoT technology in order to help companies become more productive and sustainable, through energy efficiency.


This chile company offers innovative and useful products to save money, reduce energy consumption, recycle and use electric mobility to reduce environmental impact.


The chile company proposes #solar panel #cleaning with sustainable #robots


Magnotherm’s disruptive technology, which can also be used for #cold #production (#refrigerators, #airconditioners), uses magnetic refrigeration to liquefy #hydrogen, allowing it to be transported and stored in larger quantities.