ENGIE New Ventures, ENGIE’s Research and Innovation investment fund dedicated to innovative start-ups that speed up the energy transition, has invested in Alpinov X. The Grenoble-based start-up, created in 2017, produces cooling systems with high environmental value using water as their refrigerant.

The French start-up Alpinov X is poised to bring a technical innovation to life: generating cold through the use of water to enable the functioning of district cooling grids and data centres. For its cutting-edge technology, a turbocharger, the company has drawn on a fundamental principle for the purpose of developing an ultra-low pressure thermodynamic cycle, using water as the refrigerant. Current technologies use refrigerant gases that have high global warming potential (GWP) in the event of a leak and, in accordance with European regulations, will be banned between now and 2030.

Alpinov X’s technology furthermore makes it possible to increase the energy efficiency of cold production by nearly 30% compared to the best compressors on the market (reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation by as much).
Already, Alpinov X has developed a 500kWf prototype that is operational. In partnership with ENGIE, the start-up intends to develop and market a higher-capacity machine within a few years.

“For ENGIE, the world leader in cooling networks and an operator of data centres, this strategic partnership dedicated to a clean technology is fully in line with our roadmap aimed at speeding up the decarbonisation of our solutions to serve our customers” says Cécile Prévieu, ENGIE’s Deputy CEO in charge of Energy Solutions activities.

“Alpinov X’s technology is a breakthrough innovation, which we plan to incorporate into our cold production operations” adds Johann Boukhors, Managing Director of ENGIE New Ventures.

“We are thrilled by this partnership with ENGIE, which will enable us to speed up the development and deployment of our solution in France and internationally in district cooling networks and data centres. Alpinov X is a deep-tech innovation company “made in France”, which intends to contribute to both the challenge of combating global warming and to France’s reindustrialisation”, explains Thomas Vinard, CEO of Alpinov X.

About ENGIE New Ventures
ENGIE New Ventures (ENV) is the investment fund at ENGIE Research & Innovation, dedicated to innovative start-ups in the field of climate technologies. ENV makes minority investments in innovative start-ups, bringing strategic value to the Group, with a focus on both the current ecosystem and future disruptive technologies. Since 2014, investments have been made in more than 50 solutions in the cleantech sector. Its investments are directed in particular at renewable energies, energy efficiency and flexibility solutions, and green gases including hydrogen. ENV’s offices are represented in Paris, San Francisco and Tel Aviv.

About Alpinov X
Alpinov X is an innovative 15-person company in Grenoble that has developed a cooling production process under vacuum, by which water can be used as a natural refrigerant, generating no pollution or risk. Using a high-performance turbo compressor, it keeps energy consumption to a minimum. Alpinov X’s technology is intended primarily for district cooling networks and data centre cooling. For more information: https://alpinovx.com/

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