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Paris – December 2, 2019 : during ENGIE Innovation’s Startup speed dating event Johann BOUKHORS, ENGIE New Ventures Managing Director give an introduction of the Corporate Venture capital arm of ENGIE.

Two companies of the flourishing portfolio companies, Heliatek and Connected Energy were presented on this occasion to meet ENGIE BUs and introduced them their solution. This event was the occasion to foster collaboration between innovative startups and ENGIE experts in which the fund is highly committed.

GOGORO : February 2, 2020: Gogoro Pitch on ChangeNOW exibition on ENGIE Booth in Paris.
Gogoro presented its electric Smart scooter and the ” GoStations” recharging infrastructure network, equipped with exchangeable #batteries. The principle is simple: instead of recharging the two Panasonic batteries, the owner of a #Gogoro #electric #scooter exchanges them with others in less than 6 seconds at one of the “Go” stations. Pitch at #ChangeNOW Paris on ENGIE Innovation booth

Gogoro electric scooter passes the test on the streets of Taiwan

Kiwi Power allows large buildings and complexes to automatically reduce their energy demand during peak hours.

With ENGIE, Sigfox has developed energy efficiency solutions for buildings.

APIX Analytics ultra-miniaturized gas analyzers evaluate the various compounds within a gas mixture.

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