Congratulations to our German portfolio company shaping a sustainable solar future by developing organic photovoltaics. The ultra-low carbon footprint convinced the jury to be a truly green solution for future clean energy generation. The award is shared amongst 40 other green and sustainable projects.

Heliatek’s development and collaboration with ENGIE have led to an exciting year so far, which is also the year of its full commercial launch!

Thanks to various pilots on façades, roofs, and even wind power towers all around the world. “Heliatek is proving that their products deliver performance, are easy to apply/remove, and a have record low carbon footprint”, states Vincent Ruinet, our Investment Director. See the comments section below for an overview of some successful collaborations between Heliatek and ENGIE.


Should you have missed the show, you can find the replay below (in Dutch) animated by Harms Edens and Jacqueline Cramer.