Want to know more about how Venture Capital works and the culture of Corporate-Startup collaboration ?

Catch the highlights shared by Nigel Purcell, Investment Director at ENGIE New Ventures, on the podcast Innovation Insights recorded by Emerald Technology Ventures in Zurich. The podcast provides in-depth details on what makes corporate venture capital successful and the types of collaborations a venture capitalist can have with corporates and startups.

As ENGIE’s dedicated corporate venture capital arm, ENGIE New Ventures not only provides capital to innovative startups positioned in strategic areas for ENGIE, it also provides access to market and creates partnerships for a mutually beneficial long-term collaboration.

“The key point is strategic, and that means how much business or how much collaboration can the companies, the start-up and the corporate, do together […]. The first measure of success or KPI is not financial, it is in fact the level of business between the [startup and the corporate].”